Monterey Recievers

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This sections contains some troubleshooting tips specific to Monterey receivers. For more general troubleshooting information on satellite systems, you may also want to review the Sierra and Cheyenne models Troubleshooting section and the Frequently Asked Questions section for the Monterey receiver.


Won’t power up

Possible causes:

  • Main fuse/ckt. breaker blown
  • Eprom not seated properly
  • Bad -5v reg.
  • Bad VCII
Turns on then back off by itself or just aux out is lit on front panel
  • Possible loss of memory due to power outage or bad information getting into the memory.
  • Master clear the receiver and reprogram the satellites back into memory.
Unit will not turn on, standby light on
  • Press power button on front panel.
  • Low AC power, check AC voltage.
  • E-Prom defective, inserted backward.
Lightning or surge damage on Monterey (probable replacement parts: C003, C004)
  • Check the transorb on the 1GHz input D143 (1N6278).
  • Check the secondary side of the main transformer to see if you have AC output.
  • If C004 is bad, check D002, D003, D005.
  • If transformer is open, more in depth troubleshooting may need to be done in the power supply–suggest sending in.


Dish won’t move
  • Limits are set together.
  • Mtr wire is disconnected.
  • Actuator fuse/ckt breaker blown.
Actuator breaker trips
  • Check to insure that actuator tube isn’t binding at the dish.
  • Remove motor from tube to insure that it is easy to move the tube manually with a screwdriver or hand crank.
  • Reset breaker, disconnect one of the motor wires and insert a VOM between the receiver and motor wire. VOM must be set to the 10 amp scale to determine current draw. Normal amperage should be between 1.5 to 2.5 amps DC. At approximately 5-7 amp draw, the receiver’s circuit breaker will trip. Look for water damage in the motor or defective motor end cap with a loose retainer clip.
Actuator miscount

Mispositions dish, limits move, etc. Possible causes:

  1. Bad sensor in actuator
  2. Noise on sensor wire(gnd shld.)
  3. (Mont.) Needs software update to Revision D or higher
  4. Also see Technical Bulletin 91-3 for Monterey miscounting problems

More HELP:

Q. Is the miscount only on one side of the arc?
A. Check dish for loose mount or worn actuator tube. (slop in the mount)

Q. Does the receiver fall short of the mark or overshoot the mark?
A. Falls short: The receiver is receiving too many counts.

  1. Check sensor and replace if it is bad.
  2. Ground the drain wire that shields the actuator sensor group of wires.
  3. Noise entering the system through the UHF module can induce false counts. Disconnect 6″ whip antenna from UHF Module and retest.
  4. A bad UHF module can cause this problem, disconnect and retest.
  5. Place a .01uF ceramic cap 50V across the motor leads at the dish to filter motor noise generated by the motor.

B. Overshoots: The receiver is missing counts

  1. Check sensor and replace.
  2. Check for faulty or corroded contacts in the motor and clean as needed.
  3. Noise from the motor can bridge some on the pulses.
  4. Place a .01uF cap 50V across the motor leads at the dish to filter noise.

Video Signal

Black screen, no onscreen display, front panel display is out or mostly out

This problem usually shows up after a power outage or storm. The receiver will turn on, but all you see on the TV is a black screen. If you press MENU twice, it looks like the On Screen Display is rolling in the background of the upper right corner of the screen.

The problem is caused by a blown fuse. F004 in the power supply is blown. Replace the fuse and your receiver should work and all of the memory information should be intact.

Poor video or lines in video

Possible causes:

  1. Bad ground or poor cable connector
  2. Bad -5v reg., see Technical Bulletin 90-2
  3. TV not center tuned to channels 3 or 4
  4. Bad A/B software or VHF splitter
  5. Older Mont. w/VCII+ board may need VCII+ graphics mod.
  6. PS pca may have cold solder joint
  7. Loose power supply cable, bad connection.
The problem is that video rolls intermittently on certain channels only

This is caused by a problem may with the sync separator circuitry (IC 531) that can not act on certain transponders. To try to resolve this problem:

  1. Make sure digital p.c.a has clamp mod installed. Clamp mod consist of C543, R551, R550 and D523. Most of the later digital p.c.a’s and Celebrity receivers already have it build in.
  2. Replace C547. (capacitor)
Related Problem: Rolling video on non-VCII channels. VCII channels have crackle in audio or VCII will not engage

Turn Insert Sync in Menu 9 to Off to see if the sync is engaging and causing the problem. Picture may still be shaky.

  1. Most likely cause is bad caps. in video circuit. A/V Board and Digital Board
  2. Try replacing: 25v, 100uf- C228, C230, C235, C242, C248 and 25v, 10uf- C186. (video coupling caps)
  3. Replace CAP’s C553,546,586,560 in the sync ckt
  4. There may also be glue on underside of A/V board. Remove it.
Graphics roll top to bottom with good video, graphics are stable with no signal

Replace caps: C546 3.3uF, C549 .015uF, C558 .47uF, C586 82pF, C606 100uF, C607 3.3uF on digital board.

All channels show the same picture as you go up through the channels, and the frequencies are stepping down in the proper increments, i.e., on satG5 all of the even channels showed ME\U and the odd channels were blank.

  1. Phone line plugged into the Data Link input on the back of the Monterey may cause the VCO voltage to be drawn down so that the tuner could not tune below a certain channel. A normal phone line should not be plugged into the jacks on the rear panel of the Monterey; they are for Data Link between receivers ONLY.
  2. Could also be a bad tuner, if the VCO voltage on the VCO pin of the tuner is stepping in the proper increments (approx. .75vdc), check the tuner or send in for repair.
  3. Bad LNB’s can also cause a similar problem.
Video rolls horizontally

Check to see if turning off the SYNC in menu 9 will make the video on non VCII channels stabilize. If the video syncs in:

  1. But the graphics are bad when you remove the I.F. input, Replace capacitor at C606 (100uf)
  2. And the graphics are still stable, replace the capacitors C586, C549, C546.
Upper channels are fine, but lower channels have a lot of snow in them (Ku-Band will be the reverse of this)
  • Bad LNB, replace.
  • Bad IF loop cable, replace.
  • Bad 1 GHz cable. Make sure you are using 950-1450 sweep-tested RG-6 cable. If water has gotten into the cable, the lower frequency will pass OK, but the high frequency will be severely attenuated. Replace cable.
  • Cable run is too long. Install line amplifiers at mid-point(s) between receiver and LNB.
  • Swap C and Ku-Band 1 GHz cable to verify condition of cable.


No audio
  • Volume muted on either the TV or the satellite receiver.
  • Volume is turned down on either the TV or the satellite receiver.
  • TV needs VHF channel 3 or 4 fine tuned.
  • CPU lock up, unplug receiver from AC and plug it back in.
No audio on Main or VHF outputs (may have audio on Record out)

Most likely a bad MTS board. Might try reseating the board in case of a bad connection. The MTS board is located under the A/V board.

SCPC receiver hooked to the M100C through the I.F. loop has an audio buzz

This has been researched by our team of engineers and they have decided that it cannot be changed. NO FIX


Only gets one polarity
  • Wire is disconnected.
  • Menu 6, wrong feed type selected. Check to make sure they are correct for your installation.
  • Menu 6 -check internal external switch settings to make sure they are correct for your installation.
  • Menu 7, both polarity values are set the same.
Polarotor jitters on each update (Monterey receiver send a pulse update every few seconds)
  • Remove VCII module and retest.
  • If problem has been corrected replace 8031 on A/V.
Remote Control
Can’t change sats or channels, remote not working
  • Receiver is on external inputs. Press “LARGE SELECT” button until it says SOURCE: MONTEREY on the screen.
  • Remote on wrong unit # or is not working. Change the small channel selector dial to each position and retest.
  • Check batteries in the remote.
  • Make sure you are aiming remote at receiver.
  • Dimmer switch in the house is causing interference (turn off switch to check). We have found dimmer controls for lights cause a great deal of UHF interference.

Limited remote range

  • Can be caused by the UHF antenna module picking up unwanted UHF signals.
  • See if IR is working normally. If it is, relocate UHF antenna module away from other electronics.
  • The positioning of the antenna module can be extended by adding an extension cable between the receiver. and module. Must use 2 conductor shielded cable. Use 18 gauge cable on runs over 100 feet. Maximum length is 600 feet.
Remote control only works intermittently (all keys are effected)
  • Replace battery with a new one.
  • Verify unit number on back of remote matches receiver.
  • Return remote for repair.
Individual keys on remote not working or only work intermittently
  • Replace keypad with new one.
The receiver does not respond to UHF commands
  • Try a different UHF antenna module and remote control or test them on a known working system.
  • Move the UHF antenna module as far away from other electronics as possible.
  • Verify remote works on IR.
  • Possible bad receiver. Most likely the connector the UHF module plugs into broke. No easy way to test.


Master Clear Command for Monterey Receivers

Try unplugging the receiver and reconnecting the AC power, then turn the receiver on using the front panel power key. This performs a re-start on the receiver memory system. Before master clearing, write down the dish positions for each satellite and the dish limits, then move the dish to a position of 5000. This will reduce the time needed to reprogram the receiver.

  1. Turn the receiver off so it is in the standby mode (you may need to removed AC power temporarily to get the standby light to come on).
  2. Press and hold the Enter and Volume Up* keys on the front panel.
  3. While holding the two keys, press and release the Power key on the front panel. The front panel will display MASTER CLEAR in 5-7 seconds, then release the two keys.

* Monterey 35: Instead of the two front panel keys there is a Master Clear button on the rear panel.

Timer Event Notes
  • You cannot stop an event once it starts. If the hours have been set incorrectly, i.e. 48 hours, the timed event must end before other events can happen.
  • The easiest way to cancel the event is to set the year ahead and save it. Then go back and reset the year to the correct date. This will cancel out the timed event and allow others to work again.

For additional information, see the Frequently Asked Questions for Monterey receivers.