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The satellite receiver will not always go to the channel specified by the computer.

PC commands for channel names will not work if the receiver channel name does not match the computer name. Check the receiver name carefully for correct spelling and that a zero (0)was not used for the capital letter “O.” The easiest way to check is by downloading the channel information into the computer. You cannot tell the difference on the receiver.

How does the DST option work?

The DST toggle is made via the uplink control. Those sites with the DST on will receive the command to change the clock while those with it off will be unaffected and will stay on their regular time. Unless the receiver is controlled by an uplink, the change to or from daylight savings time will need to be made manually. The DST option is set by the network at the time of authorization for network control during the installation.

Having a hard time removing the Prom?

You need a Prom puller to correctly remove the square Prom form the receiver. Damage will occur without it.

How to save the current database to the internal memory.

Must have Revision -3E or higher Prom. The receiver’s current database can be stored in the internal memory at any time. This is done in Menu 5, DB: SAVE to memory. Once a valid database is stored in memory, it can always be restored by using DB: RESTORE.

To do a database init. (master clear)

The receiver’s database can be erased by the following process. We do not recommend this unless you have a memory card to reload the database or you are certain the internal memory (rev. -3E or higher) is good. Once the database is erased, it can only be restored from the internal memory, a memory card, or with extensive programming.

  • Turn the receiver off.
  • Press and hold the channel. up and down buttons.
  • While holding the channel buttons, turn receiver on; when the graphic comes up press and hold the power button in.

The database init message should appear in 3-4 seconds.

lue screen, no graphics.

Check that the VCR source is set to line input. If VCR is correct then the receiver needs to be returned for repair.

Data light on front panel stays on. Power will turn on or off.

Try unplugging from AC for a short time, then plug back in.

Receiver keeps doing a database init every time it’s plugged in to AC.

Rev. -3E or higher. The backup power cap. supplying voltage to the ram is below the operating range. Plug receiver. in and restore database from memory or from memory card.

What VCRs will work for the automated timer recording feature?

Panasonic VCR models 2401 and 4421 will work with the M200C. Model 4351 will not work. 1995 models are 2501 and 45xx.

imed events sometimes stop before the event ends and goes back to the home satellite and channel.

  • Must have Rev. E or newer Prom. Most likely caused by the network set “return to home” time. Test by removing the home satellite and channel to see if problem still exists or see if the receiver always goes to the satellite at the same time of day.
  • The only sure way to check is with a serial connection to a computer and requesting the information. Currently a #26 command retrieves the information and a #75 allows you to change it. Once set, there is no way to remove it again.
  • An invalid date (02/31) could be entered in the set time or event menus. It corrects the date at midnight, but the date will need to be checked. Any events set for an invalid date will not occur. This was corrected with Rev. -3E.

Timed event goes to the wrong satellite.

Pointer error in the memory. Receiver needs re-init and new memory loaded.

Events over 10 minutes don’t stop.

This was a bug in the software prior to rev. 6333-3C. The number in the 10’s minute field was translated as hours. Update with current software.

Timer event does not send the IR record command to the VCR after a power outage. Receiver appears to function normally.

This is a bug in revisions prior to 6333-3E. Update software to current version.