M100C Plus

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Current software revision is: 16-6936-1H, System Version: 100C 970915 DE80A.

General information

The Monterey 100C plus stores the majority of information on a per channel basis. This is quite different from other receivers on the market but allows for maximum flexibility in programming. The factory database stored in the receiver is for a Corotor II+ C/Ku feedhorn. If you are using a different feedhorn such as a Polarotor or Dual Feed, you should order the correct database before installing the receiver.

PROBLEM: How do you master clear or erase all stored information in the receivers database?

SOLUTION: You should not re-initialize (master clear) the receiver unless you have a valid database stored in the receiver’s internal memory, have a memory card, or have a valid file to transfer from a computer.
Place the receiver in the standby mode. (Standby light on the front panel must be lit.) Press and hold the channel up and down keys on the front panel. While holding the channel keys, press and hold the front panel power key. The receiver should turn back on. Release all the keys.
If you are viewing the main video output, you will see the message “DB INIT”. After the receiver is finished with the re-init another screen will appear with instructions to turn it back on, check the clock and reload the database. There are no graphics through the modulated output during the re-init process so wait until the receiver turns itself back off (standby). You may then turn it back on, reset the clock and reload the database.

PROBLEM: The database name changes by itself using invalid characters. Normally happens when power is disconnected.

SOLUTION: Update the software to version B or higher.
SOLUTION: Connect the receiver to a computer and enter #105 “NONE” (return). This command writes information about the receiver into a scratch pad area.

PROBLEM: No subcarrier audio on VCII channels.
SOLUTION: Update the software to version B or higher.

PROBLEM: Polarity adjustment is only effecting the channel being viewed.

SOLUTION: The polarity for each channel is independent and will not effect other channels. HINT: All polarities below or above a Polarity of 150 can be set at once. (You must be careful using this feature or you may end up with all the polarities either above or below 150. If this happens you must reset the polarity for each channel that is wrong.) To change all polarities below 150 from 101 to 107: Adjust the polarity for one of the channels from the original setting of 101 to the new setting of 107, then press the PIP key. All channels on the active satellite that had a polarity below 150 will now be set to 107.