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LNBs - Low Noise Blockdown ConverterChaparral  (LNBs) are designed to withstand harsh environments with flawless performance. All LNBs are subjected to rigid quality control standards, ensuring you will receive the highest quality for your money. LNBs are backed by a 2 year factory warranty. LNBs are a very important part of your satellite television picture quality and if your LNB fails, you have no picture at all. Settle for nothing less than globally recognized Chaparral quality and performance.

The C-Band LNB

Chaparral’s C-Band LNBs receive signals in the extended C-Band frequency range of 3.4 – 4.2 GHz which is used throughout the world. Our C-Band LNB provides internationally renowned Chaparral quality and reliability at a very affordable price.

The Universal LNB

Chaparral’s Universal LNBs are designed for reception of signals in the frequency range of 10.7 – 12.75 GHz. The Universal LNB is the ideal solution for offset antennas for both analog and digital satellite signal reception.

Twin LNBs

Chaparral’s Twin LNB is designed for reception of signals in the frequency range of 10.7 – 12.75 GHz. The Twin LNB is the ideal solution for homes and businesses with two satellite receivers.

Quad LNBs

Our Quad LNB allows four separate receivers to be connected to a single Quad LNB. This LNB has a built in multiswitch which eliminates the need for an additional switching unit. Our Quad is laboratory tested and field proven in the harshest environments throughout the world.

About a LNB

The primary function of an LNB (or low-noise block downconverter) is to downconvert the high frequency satellite transmissions to a much lower frequency then amplify it. Once the downconverted signal has been amplified, it goes across the coaxial cable to the receiver.

LNB Reliability: Quality Matters

LNBs can be affected by temperature changes. It is possible for an LNB to fail in hot or cold conditions. Chaparral LNBs are designed and tested to withstand severe environmental conditions from winter snow to desert heat.