Service Questions & Repair Procedures

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Procedure for obtaining service for a satellite receiver

Before you send a receiver in for service, be sure that the problem is in the receiver. Check our Troubleshooting pages and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for help in determining if your receiver needs to be sent in for repair. If you need to send your receiver in for repair, contact Chaparral directly at Chaparral will make arrangements with you to have your receiver repaired.

Procedure for obtaining service for other Chaparral products

This includes everything we make except most Chaparral satellite receivers. Chaparral still does repairs for the digital DSR100 receiver. If you need to send any other Chaparral product in for repair:

  1. Carefully package the item.
  2. Write down the following information on a piece of paper:
    • Company name (ONLY if you are a professional satellite dealer)
    • Name
    • Return shipping address
    • Phone number (and Fax if you have one)
    • Serial number (only on the LNB and Micropack)
    • Description of problem
    • Method of return shipping
    • Method of payment (charge card, C.O.D., or pre-paid)
  3. Put the paper containing the information in the box.
  4. Prepaid orders — Please enclose a check or money order.
  5. For warranty repair — Please enclose a copy of the Proof of Purchase showing that the item is still under warranty.
  6. Ship it to:
Chaparral Communications
Attn: Repair Department
950 S. Bascom Ave. Suite 3111
San Jose, CA 95128

We will not contact you unless there is a question or a problem with the repair. To avoid delays, please make sure that you have provided all of the information we ask for.

Pricing on Repairs

  • Lnb/Lnbf : Not repaired, purchase new.
  • Feedhorns: Estimate given after evaluation **

** Shipping included is UPS Ground — Additional Charge for 2-DAY or OVERNIGHT based on weight.

Chaparral Communications Repair (Bench) Warranty

Chaparral Communications, Inc. warrants each repaired product to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one hundred (100) days from the date of product shipment from Chaparral. Chaparral agrees as its sole responsibility under this limited repair warranty, at its sole option either to repair or replace any product discovered to be defective within the warranty period, upon prompt notice of such defect. Warranty service may be obtained by contacting Chaparral Communications, Inc., 950 S. Bascom Ave. Suite 3111, San Jose, CA 95128, tel:408-294-2900.

This limited warranty is not applicable to: (I) normal wear and tear; (II) abuse, unreasonable use, improper installation, mistreatment or neglect; (III) damage cause by equipment or system with which the product is used; (IV) damage caused by modification or repair not made or authorized by Chaparral; or, (V) theft, vandalism, fire, water, or other peril.

The product must be properly packed and returned to Chaparral. Cost of transportation, removal and reinstallation of the equipment will be paid by the purchaser.

Any warranties applicable to this repaired product are limited to the period described above. In no event will Chaparral be liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages resulting from use or malfunction of this product or equipment or system with which it is used, loss of revenue, or cost of replacement goods.