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Polarity problems

If you have a problem with your picture that is only effecting every other channel on a satellite, that usually indicates a problem with polarity tuning or the feedhorn out on the dish. Polarity-related problems are indicated if only even or only odd numbered channels are effected. You may need to check several channels on different satellites to verify this problem. For more information, check our feedhorn Troubleshooting section.

Polarity wires, how to check

The first thing you need to do is check your wiring on the back of the receiver. The group of wires that connect to the polarity section spring clips on the back of the receiver are normally red, white, and black, but can be any color. In a normal hookup, the red wire goes the terminal marked +5, the white goes to pulse and black to ground. Check to see that each wire is firmly connected. If one of these wires is loose, reconnect it and your system should work fine. If the wires are all firmly connected, but you still pick up only every other channel, the problem is most likely out at the dish. Call your local satellite dealer for service.

Polarity tuning, general information

If you have a problem receiving even or odd channels on one or two satellites and most of the other satellites that you check are working — meaning you can receive both even and odd numbered channels, then you should only need to adjust the polarity on the satellite that you are having a problem with.