CR 10

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Passwords for all receivers

The factory default password for all Chaparral satellite receivers is 2, 3, 4, 5. If your receiver asks for a password, try that first. Again, that’s 2,3,4,5. If the factory password does not work, or if you have forgotten a password that you put in, you will need to do a password override.

Password override for CR10 model receivers?

The CR10 receiver has no override, the only way to get it back to the factory password is to do a master clear.

Adding and modifying satellite names from the defaults in memory

Default satellite names and formats cannot be changed from the factory settings. New satellite names can be added using any of the formats in the receiver. The CR10 has satellite T4 stored as a Ku satellite. This format cannot be changed to make the satellite C-Band. Satellite G9 is not stored in the receiver database and can be added as C-Band. Once a satellite is added, it needs to be programmed into memory using Program Satellites in Menu 4.

“Program is above rating ceiling, enter password”

If you are getting an on screen message that says “Program is above rating ceiling, enter password”. This is not a password contained in your satellite receivers memory. This comes from the decoder. If you have forgotten your rating ceiling password, the only way to clear it is to call the program provider who you subscribe your pay channels from, and they can clear it over the air.

If you have tried the password overrides, but everything is still coming up locked, it may be necessary to master clear your receiver or call a local satellite dealer.

Master clear instructions for the CR10

  1. Make sure the receiver is off, then press and hold the master clear button on the back panel.
  2. While holding the master clear button, press and release the front panel Power key to turn the receiver back on.
  3. Continue holding the master clear button for 5-7 seconds.

The receiver is now restored to the factory database. The factory password is 2,3,4,5.

Actuator error on CR10 receivers

Actuator error means that the receiver is trying to move the dish, but is not getting any feedback or dish position numbers back from the dish. If you are near the receiver when you select a satellite, you should hear a click, then Actuator Error comes up on the screen. There are 2 things that can cause this problem.

  1. The motor is turning, but there are no counts being registered back at the receiver. Before you go change the sensor, there are a couple of things to check. First look at the actuator section spring clip connectors on the back of the receiver. They are labeled Sensor, +5, and ground. Most systems use a 2 wire type sensor. One wire should be hooked to the sensor terminal and another hooked to ground. The color of the two wires does not matter, because in this particular connection, the wires can be reversed and it will still work. The +5 terminal is usually not connected. Check these wires to make sure they have a solid connection in their spring clip terminals. If so, the problem is most likely to be a bad sensor in the dish drive motor.
  2. The dish is not moving even a little. This usually means that the motor is not getting any voltage to make it turn or the motor drive is over extended or stuck. Look at the dish. If it looks like it is pointed way to far to the east or west, almost looking into the ground, you probably should call a local dealer to fix it an find out why it happened. If the dish is pointing in what looks to be a normal direction, but will not move at all, you need to check the fuse or circuit breaker and the motor wire connections at the back of the receiver. The motor wires are the 2 thickest copper wires in the satellite pack cable. Each of these wires connects to one of the two motor terminals on the rear panel. The motor terminals are clearly marked with the letters MTR. If the wires are making a good connection, the next thing to check is the fuse or circuit breaker. Some receivers will have fuses and some will have a small button like circuit breaker. What ever you happen to have, will be labeled as Actuator. If you have a breaker, simply press in on the button to reset it, then see if the dish will move. If you have a fuse, take it out and check it, if it is bad, replace it, then see if the dish will move. If the dish will still not move, you will need to call a local satellite dealer

When you select a new satellite or manually try to move the dish, if you listen to the satellite receiver, you normally hear a loud click. This is the sound of the motor drive relay engaging to send the voltage to the motor drive so it can turn to move your dish. If you do not hear this clicking sound, it usually means that the receivers logic is not letting it tell the dish to move. The most common cause for this is that the east and west electronic limits are set either at the same number or the satellite you are trying to move to is past the limit. In Monterey receivers, you can go to Menu 6 to see how the limits are set. If the limits are set too close together or at the same number, try resetting them. See your manual for instructions or call a local satellite dealer.

Polarity quit working, only half of the channels come in. No polarity +5vdc coming out of the receiver.

Try unplugging the receiver and let it cool off completely (30 minutes). The regulator that supplies voltage to the feedhorn is equipped with a thermal shut off protection. If it gets too hot, it will shut off. See if the +5v comes back after the CR10 has cooled down. Also check the internal fuses before taking the receiver in for repair.