About Us

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Chaparral Communications, Inc. is a leading provider of products used in commercial and residential satellite reception systems worldwide. Chaparral is recognized for its quality products, innovative designs, responsive customer service, and leadership in the satellite reception system industry. The primary product lines include Chaparral’s traditional Direct-To-Home (DTH) products as well as the new commercial line of products. Chaparral’s products are designed, developed, marketed, and distributed worldwide from its headquarters in San Jose, California. Chaparral manufactures its products in the United States, Mexico, China and Taiwan.

Chaparral commenced operations in 1980 with the introduction of the Super Feed, a low-cost microwave feedhorn which improved receiving antenna performance and helped make home satellite television reception affordable for thousands of rural Americans. In late 1981 Chaparral revolutionized home satellite television reception with the Polarotor® feedhorn, featuring a unique, rotating probe that simplifies channel selection and polarity control. This patented design has become the industry standard and numerous Chaparral feedhorn models, used throughout the world, are based upon it.

In 1987 Chaparral introduced the Corotor® feedhorn, another Chaparral design, which allows simultaneous reception of both C-Band and Ku-Band frequencies. Chaparral currently markets feedhorn models for virtually all types of satellite receiving systems. To date, over 5 million Chaparral feedhorns have been sold worldwide.

In 1985 Chaparral developed and began marketing satellite television receivers with the introduction of the Sierra® consumer satellite receiver. This receiver–and every Chaparral model since–has provided microprocessor controlled features which improve picture and sound quality, and simplify operation of the satellite reception system. The Monterey® receiver line, introduced in 1989, combined Chaparral’s research, design and quality control with Japanese manufacturing expertise. The Monterey 100C receiver proved to be particularly successful in commercial applications such as business and educational television, thus securing Chaparral a strong brand name position in the commercial network market.

In 1997 Chaparral introduced the Universal Single LNBF for reception of satellite television on Sky Latin America satellite systems. Following the introduction of the Universal single, Chaparral introduced the Universal Twin LNBF. Both the Universal single and twin quickly became the choice LNBF for reception of satellite television in the Latin American region.

In 1998 Chaparral was awarded the contract to supply the complete outdoor system for the EDUSAT project in Mexico. This program uses satellite dishes at primary and secondary schools to improve the education of students throughout Mexico.

Chaparral Communications continued to expand its product line in 1999 with the introduction of three new products including a DBS dual output LNBF. These products further entrenched our commitment to the DBS market in the United States and Canada. The commercial line of satellite receivers encompass a wide variety of technologies. Building from the substantial foundation Chaparral enjoys in the North American business and education analog TV market, Chaparral commercial receiver products included the Monterey 100c Plus analog receiver and EzyLink software programs.

In 2005 Chaparral designed, marketed, and manufactured the Universal Quad LNBF for reception of Sky Latin America television in homes with multiple televisions.  The Quad has become a popular LNBF for multiple satellite receiver systems throughout Mexico. The quad’s reliability and superior signal reception makes it a favorite among installers and end users alike.

In 2011, Chaparral was awarded a patent for it’s One Cable Solution LNBF. The One Cable Solution was designed specifically for the SKY Mexico market. The LNBF allows for ten or more satellite receivers to be connected to one dish. In addition, the One Cable Solution has become the choice LNBF for HDTV reception in Mexico.

Chaparral’s traditional products are primarily marketed through Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Direct-To-Home (DTH) satellite equipment distributors in North America, the Middle East, Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and Latin America. Chaparral commercial products are marketed in the same regions by digital communication distributors with significant technical expertise in the satellite-based wireless network arena.

Today, Chaparral continues to conduct research to improve it’s existing product line and to develop advanced products which will improve communications, education, and end user enjoyment of satellite television. At Chaparral our goal is to give our customers the best possible products and service so that they will always return to us for their communications needs.